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Branding and Design

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Strong brands stand out. They are essential for a business to convey the company essence, personality and beliefs. A brand should be memorable, recognisable, engaging and reassuring. Merging insight, imagination, craft and research I work through this process to build a brand and strategy for you whether you aim to launch, revitalise or reposition.

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The Process

Initially working with you to understand your business – it`s vision, values, target markets and competitors and combining this with extensive research, imagination and experience, I then start to explore joining meaning of the brand with visual concepts and typography to create a unique identity that will work across different media.

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Unique Identity

Every contact with your brand is important and part of the brand experience, whether it`s a business card, web site, brochure or letterhead . It is important the unique visual style is recognisable and consistent. With creative graphic design expertise along with web design and web building skills, I can achieve that consistent look and feel.

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